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Yo-ho-ho! The Dry-Run Flag is finally raised!

· One min read
Mauro Valota
API Engineer @ Fatture in Cloud
Emanuele Saccomandi
API Developer @ Fatture in Cloud

Until now, the only way to avoid sending the invoice while testing the Send e-invoice for a new integration was to use an account with a Trial License or with the electronic invoices deactivated from the configuration. By doing so, the API call results in an error response, so the document is not delivered but it is not possible to test the "success" use case.

Thanks to the new 🏴‍☠️ Dry-Run Flag, you'll now be able to test the Send e-invoice method without worries! You'll just need to add the flag to the request and you're good to go! The flag is also available in our SDKs.

You can find more info in the E-Invoice management guide.

It's just a first step towards the Developer Account, but we hope you'll offer us a bottle of Rum! 🏴‍☠️