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Our v1 APIs are retiring!

· One min read
Mauro Valota
API Engineer @ Fatture in Cloud

As you probably already know, the old v1 version of the Fatture in Cloud APIs is now officially deprecated, and it is being replaced by the new v2 APIs!

The new APIs are more secure and efficient, providing detailed management of the permissions granted to each application, which will result in improved control over the user's data.

This is why the v1 APIs will be officially dismissed starting 31 January 2023, and they will not be available to interact with Fatture in Cloud after that date. This means that every script, plugin, or integration based on our v1 APIs will stop working, so we suggest migrating to the new version as soon as possible.

If you developed an integration with the v1 APIs, it will be necessary to update your code to use the new v2 APIs. To help you with the migration task, we prepared a dedicated guide, while the complete documentation is available on the Developers Hub page.

If you need further help, you can contact us as explained on the Support page.