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Zapier Connector is coming to town!

· 2 min read
Mauro Valota
API Engineer @ Fatture in Cloud
Emanuele Saccomandi
API Developer @ Fatture in Cloud

You requested it many times, and since you're on Santa's Nice List, the Fatture in Cloud API Team has a gift for you! The Zapier Connector is finally here! 🤶

Zapier is a Web Automation App, that makes it possible to connect more than 6000 applications to create your desired automation without a single line of code. Our Zapier Connector adds Fatture in Cloud to the Zapier library, by making our APIs and Webhooks functionalities available as Zapier's Triggers and Actions.

Do you want to integrate Fatture in Cloud with your favorite tool, but you don't have the technical skills to do it? Do you want to create an automation faster, without having to deal with the technical details of our APIs? Or do you want to connect several tools in a single flow, but you never used the APIs for any of those? Zapier is the tool for you!

If you want to discover the possibilities that Zapier Connector offers you, please check our App Store or the Zapier Website! Also, check the Zapier Quickstart to start using our Connector.

The Zapier Connector is currently in a Beta version, so please if you have some issues while using it feel free to contact us!

Please, note that the Fatture in Cloud Zapier Connector is free for use for everybody, but Zapier might apply some costs for the usage of their platform. Check Zapier's Pland and Pricing page for more details about the available plans.