Fatture in Cloud API Overview

This page will help you to get accostumed to the terms used in the Fatture in Cloud API.

The Fatture in Cloud v2 API is a RESTful API that can be accessed through explicit HTTP clients or via the dedicated Client Libraries. The API exposes most of the features available in the Fatture in Cloud Web interface.


Closed beta version

This API is currently in a closed beta version. Wait for the public release before using it, or contact [email protected] if you think you really need it.



If you need more information about what APIs and SDKs are, you can watch this video.

:bookmark: Common Terms

Following is a list of common terms used in the Fatture in Cloud API:

:person-frowning: User

The single user who can log into the web application, e.g. an account. A user could have access to multiple companies.

:office: Company

A company is the core entity of the Fatture in Cloud: all the following resources are owned by a company. This is the reason why it will be often necessary to indicate the company to work on in order to use our APIs. A company has at least one user who can access its resources; each user could have access with different permission levels.

:necktie: Client

A customer of the company, e.g. the actor who buys the company's products.

:truck: Supplier

A supplier of the company, e.g. the actor who provides the products or materials to the company.

:hamburger: Product

The product (or service), e.g. the resource offered by the company.

:outbox-tray: Issued Document

A document emitted by the company, such as an invoice or delivery note.

:inbox-tray: Received Document

A document received by the company, such as an invoice emitted by a comnpany's supplier after a purchase.

:page-with-curl: Receipt

An entry in the "receipt log" (Registro Corrispettivi) of the company. Usually an entry represents the sum of all the receipts made on daily basis.

:money-with-wings: F24

An F24 is a document-model used in Italy to pay certain types of taxes.

:file-folder: Archive

An archive document is a generic type document that has been uploaded to keep it where the business happens, e.g. an account statement, a contract, an accounting document, etc.

:notebook-with-decorative-cover: Cashbook Entry

An entry in the cashbook, describing a single inbound or outbound transaction.

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