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Publish to App Store

If you want to publish your integration on our App Store here you will find all the information you will need to do so.

Do we need to pay?

NO!!! Publishing an app to our App Store is completely free, even for paid integrations! You'll just need to be compliant with the prerequisites listed below.

🐣  Prerequisites

Before starting the procedure to get your app published on our App Store the app must have already public visibility, this implies that your integration is production ready and our customers can use it right away.

To be published, you'll need to prepare a web page on your site dedicated to the integration with Fatture in Cloud and the provided functionalities; also, you'll need to prepare some materials that will be uploaded to the App Store page (see the next section).

Fatture in Cloud reserves the right to decline requests for publication for moral or qualitative reasons, or otherwise at our sole discretion.

Please make also sure to read the Brand Guidelines that you must follow on both the integration page and the texts/images you want to be shown on the App Store.

  Additional information

If the prerequisites are met then you can contact our customer support and a Google Form will be sent to you asking more in-depth questions about your integration.

To speed up the approval process you can prepare this info in advance:

  • app category
  • short and long description
  • logo (512px x 512px)
  • 2 to 10 app screenshots (PNG 1280px x 720px)
  • homepage URL
  • privacy policy URL
  • terms & conditions URL
  • integration page URL
  • support contact information
  • developer contact information
Show your work!

Make sure you are not sending screenshots of our pages (like the Fatture in Cloud OAuth2 login page), the material you send should only be about your integration.

This is how the app store page will look like:

App Store