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· 2 min read
Mauro Valota
API Engineer @ Fatture in Cloud
Emanuele Saccomandi
API Developer @ Fatture in Cloud

Welcome to Fatture in Cloud for Devs!

This is our brand new Developer Hub, where you'll find documentation and guides to help you interact with the Fatture in Cloud APIs!

This is the structure of our website:

  • Docs: This is a discursive documentation where we'll provide you tons of useful information and guides to help you integrate our REST APIs into your application.
  • Blog: Here we'll keep you updated about the most recent news about our APIs and SDKs.
  • API Reference: Do you want to discover the possibilities the Fatture in Cloud API offers you? In this section, you'll be able to deep dive into all the methods and schemas provided by our API.
  • Support: If you're still struggling to achieve your goals using our APIs, here you'll be able to ask for help from our amazing API Team!
  • Community: Do you have a suggestion? Would you like to request some new feature or to ask for some guidance that could be useful to all the Fatture in Cloud Community? We're waiting for your feedback and ideas!

It ain't over yet! We released a lot of useful resources that will make your job even easier, such as our SDKs, the OpenAPI specification and the Postman Collection.

Much more is coming in the future, so stay tuned!