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SDKs Overview

To help you interact with our APIs we decided to create a set of dedicated SDKs (Software Developer Kits) in a certain number of programming languages, that can be useful to speed up the integration process. These SDKs provide updated models and methods to contact our APIs with minimal configuration, making it possible to start interacting with Fatture in Cloud within minutes: in most cases, you just need to retrieve the Access Token and you're ready to go!


Here you can find a really interesting video that explains the relationship between APIs and SDKs, and we suggest watching it if you still have some doubts.

💃  I'm ready to dance! What is on the SDK playlist?

Here you can find the list of the currently supported SDKs:

Our SDKs are released with MIT license.

🙋‍♂️  Do I really need to use an SDK?

Actually, no. Fatture in Cloud provides simple REST APIs, and if you want you are free to write your own code to contact them; you'll find useful info in the API reference section of this documentation.

We strongly suggest using our SDKs, here you can find some good reasons to decide to use them:

  • It simplifies the integration task, providing useful models and methods out-of-the-box;
  • We'll take care of it for you, updating the models and the dependencies when needed;
  • We'll test and fix bugs that will eventually arise on our APIs.

There are some possible reasons why you could prefer to write custom code instead:

  • Your programming language is not yet supported;
  • You're using an unsupported version of a supported programming language (for example PHP 5);
  • You have some dependency conflict;
  • You are using a small subset of our APIs and don't want to install the whole SDK;
  • You are already using a different set of libraries (for example, a different HTTP client) and don't want to introduce another dependency;
  • You just want to stay as vanilla as possible.

😟  My favorite language is not supported! What can I do?

Don't worry. We're planning to provide SDKs for the most popular programming languages, so your favorite one could be the next!

In the meanwhile, you can:

  • Send suggestions: If we receive a lot of requests for a particular language, it will be more likely to be the next in line!
  • Go Vanilla: If you check the Vanilla code section of our documentation you can find all the information required to write vanilla code.
  • Generate your own SDK: We provide an OpenAPI Specification for the Fatture in Cloud API, so you can use it to generate your home-made SDK! :cook:

🐛  I found a bug on your SDKs, what can I do?

Any help is always welcome!

Feel free to open an issue on the repository of the specific SDK (check the dedicated pages), describing the issue, sharing example code to replicate the error, and eventually proposing a possible solution.

📚  Additional Resources