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Webhooks are here!

· One min read
Mauro Valota
API Engineer @ Fatture in Cloud
Emanuele Saccomandi
API Developer @ Fatture in Cloud

The Fatture in Cloud API Team is proud to announce that the Webhooks are finally released! 🎉

Until now, the only way to keep your application's status synchronized with the Fatture in Cloud internal status was to perform a scan on all the resources, by using a polling strategy. This approach is costly and results in a futile consumption of resources that could be used in some other way.

Thanks to this long-awaited functionality, it will be possible to subscribe to the events that occur to the Fatture in Cloud resources; this means that your applications will be notified every time something happens in your Fatture in Cloud account, making it possible to synchronize your application easily and saving a huge part of your API quotas!

The Webhooks are currently in a Closed Beta version, this means that it is currently available to a limited set of users and on some of the events, but you can start apply to start using them right now! Check out our Webhooks documentation and... Enjoy!