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· One min read
Mauro Valota
Emanuele Saccomandi

The Fatture in Cloud API Team is proud to announce that the Webhooks are finally released! 🎉

Until now, the only way to keep your application's status synchronized with the Fatture in Cloud internal status was to perform a scan on all the resources, by using a polling strategy. This approach is costly and results in a futile consumption of resources that could be used in some other way.

Thanks to this long-awaited functionality, it will be possible to subscribe to the events that occur to the Fatture in Cloud resources; this means that your applications will be notified every time something happens in your Fatture in Cloud account, making it possible to synchronize your application easily and saving a huge part of your API quotas!

The Webhooks are currently in a Closed Beta version, this means that it is currently available to a limited set of users and on some of the events, but you can start apply to start using them right now! Check out our Webhooks documentation and... Enjoy!

· One min read
Mauro Valota
Emanuele Saccomandi

Until now, the only way to avoid sending the invoice while testing the Send e-invoice for a new integration was to use an account with a Trial License or with the electronic invoices deactivated from the configuration. By doing so, the API call results in an error response, so the document is not delivered but it is not possible to test the "success" use case.

Thanks to the new 🏴‍☠️ Dry-Run Flag, you'll now be able to test the Send e-invoice method without worries! You'll just need to add the flag to the request and you're good to go! The flag is also available in our SDKs.

You can find more info in the E-Invoice management guide.

It's just a first step towards the Developer Account, but we hope you'll offer us a bottle of Rum! 🏴‍☠️

· One min read
Mauro Valota
Emanuele Saccomandi

We just released our new Go SDK! You can find it in its GitHub Repository.

Our Go SDK was generated, like our other SDKs, using our OpenAPI specification, and it is completed by dedicated OAuth2 and Filter Helpers.

We also prepared proper documentation to help you get started with our new library.

We hope you'll enjoy it!

· One min read
Mauro Valota

As you probably already know, the old v1 version of the Fatture in Cloud APIs is now officially deprecated, and it is being replaced by the new v2 APIs!

The new APIs are more secure and efficient, providing detailed management of the permissions granted to each application, which will result in improved control over the user's data.

This is why the v1 APIs will be officially dismissed starting 31 January 2023, and they will not be available to interact with Fatture in Cloud after that date. This means that every script, plugin, or integration based on our v1 APIs will stop working, so we suggest migrating to the new version as soon as possible.

If you developed an integration with the v1 APIs, it will be necessary to update your code to use the new v2 APIs. To help you with the migration task, we prepared a dedicated guide, while the complete documentation is available on the Developers Hub page.

If you need further help, you can contact us as explained on the Support page.

· 2 min read
Mauro Valota
Emanuele Saccomandi

Welcome to Fatture in Cloud for Devs!

This is our brand new Developer Hub, where you'll find documentation and guides to help you interact with the Fatture in Cloud APIs!

This is the structure of our website:

  • Docs: This is a discursive documentation where we'll provide you tons of useful information and guides to help you integrate our REST APIs into your application.
  • Blog: Here we'll keep you updated about the most recent news about our APIs and SDKs.
  • API Reference: Do you want to discover the possibilities the Fatture in Cloud API offers you? In this section, you'll be able to deep dive into all the methods and schemas provided by our API.
  • Support: If you're still struggling to achieve your goals using our APIs, here you'll be able to ask for help from our amazing API Team!
  • Community: Do you have a suggestion? Would you like to request some new feature or to ask for some guidance that could be useful to all the Fatture in Cloud Community? We're waiting for your feedback and ideas!

It ain't over yet! We released a lot of useful resources that will make your job even easier, such as our SDKs, the OpenAPI specification and the Postman Collection.

Much more is coming in the future, so stay tuned!