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Developer Account

If you are a developer looking to build your integration with our services, you will be happy to hear that we plan to add a specific type of account to help you. In the meanwhile, you can still interact with our APIs using our standard accounts.

🐝  API V2 activation

We have already enabled the API V2 to all our customers, but if you can't create an application from the settings of your account you can always contact the customer support.

🆓  Trial extension

If you created a Fatture in Cloud account only for developing purposes, you could obtain a free trial extension while your integration is still in the development phase (before the production release). To obtain a free trial you need to contact the customer support, explaining your use case and why you need the trial.

🛡  Keep your data safe!

There are a few use cases that require not giving access to the company's data to the developer while implementing a new integration.

For example:

  • A company hired a consultant to implement a private integration, and it is necessary to keep the data safe from external users
  • A company's employee is implementing a new integration, but only the management should have access to the company's Fatture in Cloud profile

As explained above, right now we don't provide a proper Developer Account, but it is possible to use a standard account with a trial license to develop and test the new integration.

Please, note that a developer will be able to access your Fatture in Cloud account's data only in two cases:

  • If you permit to access your company from the Fatture in Cloud page (see the guide)
  • By using a valid Access Token as authentication for our APIs, only if this token has access to the company's data

Each operation can be performed only by a user with access to the company, so it is up to the authorized users to not give access to the developer.

To enable the developer to implement the integration without giving him access to the account, we suggest proceeding as follows:

  1. A new Fatture in Cloud account must be created for the developer or the development team
  2. A new fake company is created, it will serve as a playground while developing
  3. The trial extension is required for the new company (see above)
  4. The app is created by the developer using the development account
  5. The developer uses the fake company to host test data and develop the integration
  6. When the integration is ready, the developer makes it available to the users, by making the app public or adding the authorized account to the whitelist
  7. The fake account can be preserved to host the app or the ownership of the app can be assigned to the true Fatture in Cloud account (from the application's page in the Sviluppatore section)

In this way, the developer will only have access to the fake company's data.