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OpenAPI Specification

The Fatture in Cloud OpenAPI specification is a YAML document, respecting the OpenAPI Specification. It is a complete description of the Fatture in Cloud API, where all the details about our API are described: it lists the methods and models, the available scopes, and the authentication methods. For its nature, it is a great source of information about our API, and it can be already useful as-it-is.


To discover the relationship between OpenAPI and REST APIs, you can check this video.

We use our OpenAPI specification for these purposes:

  • As a documentation source
  • To automatically populate the API reference section of this documentation
  • To generate our SDKs

📃  How can I use your OpenAPI Specification?

There are many OpenAPI tools available (here you can find a useful list).

To create our SDKs we use the OpenAPI Generator, but you can use any of the other available generators. Just remember that if you'll use our same generator it will be easier for you to switch from your custom code to our SDK when your language will be officially supported.

For some languages, it is also possible to find self-generating libraries that accept a YAML definition as input and automatically provide the methods to access the API (for example this one).

📚  Additional Resources