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Step-by-step guide

On this page, you can find a quick summary of the steps that you are required to perform to interact with our APIs.

Some steps must be performed only one time (for example creating an application), while others will be required every time you must contact our APIs (for example the authentication and authorization tasks).

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Learn the common terms to start understanding the Fatture in Cloud world.
  2. Create an app on our Web application.
  3. Select an Authentication method and retrieve the related credentials.
  4. Collect the Scopes that your application requires to work properly.
  5. If you want, install one of our SDKs. Otherwise, develop your own code from scratch.
  6. Implement the selected Authentication method.
  7. You're now ready to integrate Fatture in Cloud within your application! 🎉
  8. If you need to use a Company scoped method, please retrieve your company_id param.
  9. Improve your code managing Quotas and Errors properly.
  10. Are you still unsure? We prepared a set of Guides to help you with the most common use cases!