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Subscription Expiration

In some cases, your Subscription could expire, this means that our system will stop sending Notifications, and you'll need to create (and verify) a new Subscription if you're still interested in receiving Notifications.

Below we'll explain why we decided to implement it, how it works, and how to avoid expiration on your subscriptions.

🙏  Why do you expire?

Our webhooks will need to send notifications to external systems developed by teams we don't have direct contact with, so we need some kind of mechanism to avoid sending unuseful notifications in case a system is faulty (e.g. it is unable to process our notifications properly) or if the system was dismissed without deleting the subscription.

Our Expiration mechanism is triggered by errors: when a new subscription is created it doesn't have an expiration date, so if you manage the notifications correctly you'll never have to worry about it.

🍅  When do you expire?

The expiration is triggered when one of these conditions occurs:

  • An Unretryable Error is returned
  • A Notification fails with Retryable Errors, and all the Retries fail

When the expiration is triggered, the Expiration Date is set to 10 days since the first error occurs; until that moment, you will keep receiving messages like usual. The expiration date doesn't change if your system keeps returning error statuses, so if your system is facing some issue you have the time to correct it and make your service recover.

Even if the 10 days are terminated, you can still save your Subscription: our system triggers the deletion only when we receive the first error after the Expiration Date is passed.

🦸  How can I save my subscription?

The Expiration Date will be reset (and the subscription will not expire) if your system can return a Success status to at least one notification; this means that you just need to show that your system is back to business.

Even if the 10 days are terminated, you can still save your Subscription: if you can to send a Success Status before deletion the Subscription will be saved, even if it occurred after 10 days.

🗑️  My subscription expired. What can I do?

If you were able to fix your service, but the subscription expired in the meanwhile, you can just create a new one from scratch to start being notified again.