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Which authentication method should I use?
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To start working with our APIs in a development environment, you can just use a Manual Token. We created a more extensive guide to the authentication method selection to help you choose the one that you'll use when going live.
Where can I find my Company ID?
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The Company ID is a really important parameter for the Fatture in Cloud APIs because it enables the user to use Company-scoped methods.

To retrieve your Client ID, you can use the List User Companies method, and retrieve the id field for the desired company. The ID is fixed, so you can retrieve it once and store it if needed. To check if the ID is correct, you can try to use the Get Company Info method to see if the correct result is returned.
I just need to create an invoice, how can I do it?
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This is our most common use case, so we prepared a dedicated guide to explain how to create an invoice step by step.
How can I show the client's mail, fax, etc. in the document?
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The Issued Document model contains an entity field, that will contain the details of the client or the supplier, depending on the kind of document.

When the client is not inserted in the clients list, only some of the details are stored and thus shown in the resulting document. The only way to show the additional fields is to create the client using the Create Client method (if it doesn't exist yet) and insert the client's id in the entity object. Since we don't autocomplete the entity object, you should also insert all the client's details that must be shown in the document while creating the Create Issued Document request.
Why am I receiving a Document Totals Error? (Il totale dei pagamenti non corrisponde al totale da pagare)
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The Fatture in Cloud software makes some calculations, that could differ from yours because of the applied rounding. We prepared a guide to explain all the possible solutions to this issue.
Why are the List methods returning just a subset of the available elements?
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Every account has a potentially huge number of entities and documents, so we need to preserve the functionality of our system by paginating the results; to safeguard our systems it is not possible to deactivate pagination, so it is important to manage it properly.

We explained how to do it in this guide.
Why are the APIs returning more empty fields than expected?
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To avoid generating huge responses containing a lot of unnecessary data, we implemented a customization functionality that makes it possible to define which fields must be returned. If you want to know more, you should check this guide describing the functionality in detail.
Do you have a test sandbox to test e-invoices?
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Yes, we have a special parameter to avoid sending the e-invoice to the SDI while performing all the checks, you can find more info here.
Can I use your APIs with a private app?
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Sure, a public app is required only in a small subset of use cases, and it requires manual approval by our API Team. The private app is the best way to start using our APIs, and in most cases is more than sufficient even in production. Check the App Visibility Guide for more information
Do I need to use one of your SDKs?
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No, you just need an HTTP Client. This makes it possible to use our APIs even if your programming language isn't currently supported, or if the SDK for your language doesn't support the version you're using.

Of course, we strongly suggest using our SDKs when possible because they speed up your development process.

If you still don't think our SDKs are the best solutions for you, you can check the Vanilla Code Quickstart to help you getting started with some code examples.
The invoice net_price is for a single item or all items?
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It refers to a single item.

Let's suppose to have a 'Red Funnel' item.
If we create an invoice containing the Red Funnel with:

  • net_price = 10€
  • quantity = 3

The total will be 10*3=30.
How do I generate a delivery note (ddt)?
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To create a ddt you have to use the Create Issued Document method, passing the type field set to delivery_note.
You may also find useful the guide: create an issued document.
How can I avoid giving my developer permission to access my company's data?
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We suggest creating a new Fatture in Cloud account and company for your development team. Check the following link for more info: Developer Account